Amatos was established in 1978 when Peter Amato joined forces with his dad Anthony Amato and turned a part time business into an operation that employs 30 to 40 full time employees. Amatos core business began within the lawn care industry and gradually has developed its main focus to designing custom elegant landscapes. Plant knowledge is an integral part of the design process and translates to the wealth of information available at the garden center. Amatos is situated on a six acre nursery and has one of the most extensive plant selection in the area.

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Monday - Saturday
8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

9:00 AM to 6 PM

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Gardening Tips

Winter Warmth with a Chimenea

Is it just a bit chilly to sit outside and enjoy your fall or winter garden? Hundreds of years ago, Mexicans had the same problem. They solved it by making chimeneas and using them for heat and cooking. Continue Reading →


Back in the dark ages of gardening, someone realized covering a plant could protect it from frost. In Victorian gardens, dome-shaped glass covers protected many tender and treasured plants. Because of the resemblance to a hat, these protective devices were called "cloche," the French word for hat. Continue Reading →

Gardener’s Calendar (November & December)

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